The best interior paint in 2018

Glidden Diamond latex paint

In today’s blog post will be talking about Paint there are many latex paints a market of use different ways to experience or the past 10 years and I’ve had good experiences and bad experience but today I will like to share the new groundbreaking technology and I can truly say it is a one coat paint and primer.  I went to the Home Depot and I purchased the expensive of paint thinking that the expense paint and primer will give me the best coverage which will allow me to make fewer coats.  But to my surprise, I ended up painting 4 to 5 coats which cause me to spend more time trying to get even coverage. So instead of painting a 1-bedroom Miami Beach Condo, It was like painting an 8-bedroom home. After painting all the walls multiple times, I decided to use a different brand paint on the doors and trim. The paint I decided to use was Glidden Diamond and the Glidden Diamond paint really surprised the heck out of me. Glidden Diamond applied better than the most expensive brand paint in Home Depot and It cost less. The Glidden Diamond paint went on very smooth and thick Even using a brush it left no brush streaks and covered excellently. The paint was not lacking in pigment or watered down. I was even able to cover darker colors with one coat of the Glidden Diamond paint. Glidden Diamond is very good for walls doors and trims. It goes on thick and you will not have to do more than 1 or 2 coats depending on the color of the wall and the quality of brush or paint roller you use

I recommend Glidden Diamond and I will start using it when painting homes not because it is less expensive but the new formula used in the Glidden Diamond is better than the other paints I’ve used.. Glidden does have cheaper fewer quality paints but this Diamond brand is their top of the line paint it was a good experience using it and you should try Diamond for yourself.